Pàgina jurídica is a Website about Spanish and Catalan Law on the net, created and  maintained since 1997 by Albert Ruda González, Assistent at the University of Girona, Catalonia, Spain. For non-Spanish materials see, please, Prof. Dr. Miquel Martin-Casals' Page, European and Comparative Private Law Page. For Catalan civil legislation and Court decisions see, please, the Projecte Norma Civil Webpages.

The aim of this Legal Page (this is the meaning of Pàgina jurídica in Catalan), is to offer the student, the Law Professor and the practicioner of Law in general a selection of links to the main websites on Catalan and Spanish Law, as an additional and useful tool mainly for scientific research, but also for students and professionals. Pàgina jurídica would also like to make the cooperation easier between them and to promote excellence on the Internet --in case and as long as this humble page can. Links to Latin-American Law have been recently added. Due to the high number of foreign visitors, a translation of the main titles into English has been provided.


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