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Information on Past Meetings
  • Vienna Meeting November 1998

One of the most important meetings of the Group was the one which took place in Vienna in 1998. There Prof. Helmut Koziol, organiser of the meeting, gave a speech on the mission of the Group. You can have a look at Prof. Koziol´s Speech here (the text is in German).

  • ERA-Conference "Drafting European Tort Law" November 2002

On November 18 and 19, 2002, the European Group on Tort Law met with the Osnabrück Working Team on Extra-Contractual Obligations at the Academy of European Law (ERA) in Trier in order to discuss both the contents and the principles of a unified European tort law in light of the proposals submitted by both Groups.

  • Girona Meeting July 2009

The Group held a meeting on July 2 and 3, 2009, in Girona, Spain. The members of the Group met at the Faculty of Law of the University of Girona.

  • Prag Meeting October 2010

The Group held a meeting in Prag, Czech Republic, in October 2010.

  • Geneva Meeting 2011

The Group held a meeting in Geneva, Switzerland, in October 2011. It was the first meeting on the "Public authority liability" project. The Group discussed the hypotheticals presented by the editor of the Comparative Report, Ken Oliphant. For further information of this project of the Group please visit the webpage of the Institute for European Tort Law (Vienna).

  • Vienna Meeting 2012

The Group held a meeting in Vienna in April 2012, before the 11th Annual Conference on Tort Law (ACET).

  • Lausanne Meeting 2012

Later, another meeting was held in Lausanne in the beginning of October 2012. This meeting will be combined with an international colloque on "Controversial Notions of Damage in Europe / Aspects controversés de la notion de dommage en Europe" , which will take place at the Swiss Institute of Comparative Law. The provisional programme, which has been kindly sent to us by Prof. Pierre Widmer, can be downloaded from here (In PDF format).

  • Graz Meeting 2013

The European Group on Tort Law convened on 7–8 April 2013 to continue its deliberations on the ongoing topic of Public Authority Liability. This was followed by a public Conference on 9 April 2013, Public Authority Liability in Comparative Perspective. The conference featured the work of the EGTL in seeking to prepare a common European set of Principles of Public Authority Liability. The project has been explained against a backdrop of the contrasting approaches currently adopted in EU law and selected national legal systems (France, Greece, Italy, Norway, Poland, Portugal, South Africa and Switzerland). Similarities and differences of approach have been illuminated through the discussion of hypothetical case studies. Further conference contributions offered an economic analysis of the competing legal regimes and an outside perspective on the European Group´s endeavours. The programme for the conference can be found here. For further information, please contact Lisa Zeiler. Both Meeting and Conference were made possible by the generous auspices of the Karl-Franzens-Universität Graz and took place there.

  • Girona Meeting 2013

The European Group on Tort Law held its autumn meeting (17–18 October 2013) in Girona thanks to the auspices of long-standing member, Miquel Martín-Casals and the Institute of European and Comparative Private Law (IECPL). A new project entitled The Borderline Between Tort And Contract – the third since the Group’s re-unification in 2009 – officially began. The project is headed by Prof Miquel Martín-Casals.

In addition to drawing the EGTL’s second post-reunification project (on The Liability of Public Authorities) to a close, the Group discussed the outlines of its forthcoming collaboration with members of the Acquis Group (on Product Liability). The EGTL wishes to extend its profound gratitude to Piotr Machnikowski for his efforts in cementing this collaboration and in securing the necessary funding.

  • Vienna Meeting 2014

The annual spring meeting of the European Group on Tort Law took place between 22–24 April 2014. The meeting was held in Vienna and was sponsored by both ECTIL and ETL. In addition to drawing the EGTL’s second post-reunification project (The Liability of Public Authorities) to a close, the Group also discussed its third project (The Borderlines of Tort Law: Interactions with Contract Law) and the draft project description and questionnaire of its collaborative project with members of the Acquis Group (Product Liability). The above projects are led by Ken Oliphant, Miquel Martín-Casals and Piotr Machnikowski respectively. 

  • Wrocław Meeting 2014

The annual autumn meeting of the European Group on Tort Law took place between 16–18 October 2014. The meeting was held in Wrocław, Poland where The Borderline of Tort Law: Interactions with Contract Law – the third project since the Group’s re-unification in 2009 – was discussed. The project is headed by Prof Martín-Casals. The Group also elaborated on its Product Liability project – which is undertaken in collaboration with members of the Acquis Group. It wishes to extend profound appreciation to Piotr Machnikowski and the University of Wrocław for their warm welcome and for all their efforts in making the meeting a success.

  • Vienna Meeting 2015

The European Group on Tort Law held its first meeting of the year 2015 on 7-9 April 2015. Public Authority Liability (led by Ken Oliphant), The Borderlines of Tort Law: Interaction with Contract Law (led by Miquel Martín-Casals) and Product Liability were on the agenda. The latter is a collaborative project with the Acquis Group and is led by Acquis Group member Piotr Machnikowski). 

  • Wrocław Meeting 2015

The last European Group on Tort Law meeting took place in Wrocław, Poland on 15-17 October 2015, thanks to  Piotr Machnikowski’s efforts and the generous support of the Polish Narodowe Centrum Nauki.

  • Vienna Meeting 2016

The European Group on Tort Law met on 29–31 March 2016 in Vienna. In addition to wrapping up its Public Authority Liability project, it worked on the Questionnaire for its next project, Prescription in Tort Law (led by Israel Gilead and Bjarte Askeland). The EGTL also drew up a roadmap for the revision of its Principles of European Tort Law.

The next Group meeting will be hosted by Miquel Martín-Casalsin Girona on 20–21 October 2016.

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