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International and European

Convention on Civil Liability for Damage resulting from Activities Dangerous to the Environement (Lugano Convention) (ETS No. 150)

European Convention on Compulsory Insurance against Civil Liability in respect of Motor Vehicles (ETS No. 29)

European Convention on Civil Liability for Damage caused by Motor Vehicles (ETS No. 79)

Convention on the Liability of Hotel-keepers concerning the Property of their Guests (ETS No. 41)

European Convention on Products Liability in regard to Personal Injury and Death (ETS No. 91)


Draft of a New Argentinian Civil Code (Proyecto de Código Civil argentino) 1998: LIBRO CUARTO. De los derechos personales, TÍTULO V. De otras fuentes de las obligaciones, CAPÍTULO I. Responsabilidad civil.


Entwurf eines neuen österreichischen Schadenersatzrechts
Book of the Tort and Insurance Law series
Springer, Wien/New York 2006


GRERCA: Groupe de recherche européen responsabilité civile et l'assurance (Université Rennes 1)


Comisión General de Codificación, Sección de Derecho Civil: Propuesta de Anteproyecto de Ley de modernización del Derecho de obligaciones y contratos. Boletín de Información, Ministerio de Justicia, 2009 (PDF format)


From 1988, the Swiss Federal Government had been working on the revision and unification of Swiss Liability Law. The aim of the unification was to end with the differences of regulation in many aspects (i.e. extinctive prescription) that receive a number of various solutions from one special statute to the other. The Draft prepared by a Commission of Experts (including  Prof. Pierre Widmer, member of the European Group on Tort Law) proposes a General Part of the Liability Law to be included in the Swiss Code of Law of Obligations (Obligationenrecht). Special Statutes should be adapted to this General Part. In 2009, the Federal Council rejected on several grounds the complete revision and unification of the Swiss liability law.

For further information on the revision proposal please check the webpage of the Swiss Confederation. The information is available in several languages:

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