Welcome to the page of the Institute of European and Comparative Private Law at the University of Girona.

The Institute organises workshops and seminars with leading national and international scholars and participates in the work of international research groups studying comparative law, the harmonisation of private law and the relationships between the development of law and national cultures. The Institute also aims at establishing links and ongoing relationships with similar research institutions in other countries and at associating individual researchers to its tasks and projects. See, for instance, the “Spanish Net on European and Comparative Private Law” (REDPEC) (in Spanish).

The Institute supersedes the previous Observatory of European and Comparative Private Law.


Master´s in Tort Law:

The Institute of European and Comparative Private Law with the participation of the Chair in Legal Culture of the same university offers international students for the next academic year 2014-2015 the possibility to obtain a Master’s degree in Tort Law.

Promotional video in Spanish: Master's in Tort Law

For further information please follow the link: here.



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