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Ewa BagińskaEwa Bagińska

University Professor in the Department of Civil Law
Faculty of Law and Administration, University in Gdansk, Poland
Member of the European Group on Tort Law.

Faculty of Law and Administration 
Gdansk University
ul. Jana Bazynskiego 6 
80-952 Gdansk 
tel. + 48 606 961 601
fax. +48 58 523 27 14
Curriculum vitae

Ewa Bagińska completed her PhD in law in 1999 and habilitated in 2006. She is a Professor in the Department of Civil and International Commercial Law at the Nicholas Copernicus University in Torun and holds the Chair of Civil Law at the University in Gdansk. Prof. Bagińska was a Fulbright Visiting Scholar (1998/1999) and NATO Science Fellowship grantee (2000/2001) at The Catholic University of America, Washington, DC. Author of the book Odpowiedzialnosc za produkt w USA (Products liability in the USA), Torun 2000, Odpowiedzialnosc odszkodowawcza za wykonywanie wladzy publicznej (Public liability) Warsaw 2006 and several articles about civil liability, consumer protection and medical law. In 2007 she joined two teams of the Commission for the Codification of Civil Law working on the new civil code (tort liability and consumer contracts).


Post‐doctoral degree in law (“habilitacja”), Nicolaus Copernicus University 2006
The monograph presented for the degree: Odpowiedzialność odszkodowawcza za wykonywanie władzy publicznej [Public authorities liability], C.H. Beck Warszawa 2006. 

PhD in law, Nicolaus Copernicus University 1999 
Doctoral thesis: Odpowiedzialnośc za product w USA (Products liability in the US law) (published in 2000 by TNOiK).

The Regional Court in Toruń, Gdańsk Appellate Circuit
‐ 1995-1997 Judicial apprenticeship (aplikacja sądowa). The judge exams passed with honours. 

The Academy of European Law, European University Institute, Florence.
June -­ July 1996 - the VIIth Summer Session. Attended the general and special courses on the Law of the European Union, the Protection of Human Rights in Europe, European Corporate Law, and the New Frontiers of European Law.

European Summer School in Berlin/ Horazdovice by Centre International de Formation Europeenne and Free University of Berlin, "Democracy and European Integration", 12-­31 August 1996. 

MA in Law, 1995, Nicholas Copernicus University (primo loco)
Degree Master’s thesis: "The protection against misleading and unfair advertising in Polish law and European law". 

Additional European studies -­ University of Utrecht, NL(TEMPUS programme), Jan 1994 - June 1994

Professional Experience and Activities

Areas of expertise: civil law (civil liability, products liability, public liability, personal injury), consumer protection law, medical
law, comparative civil law; Author and co‐author of over 100 articles and other contributions.

Lectures and courses taught: general civil law, law of obligations, consumer protection and competition law, introduction
to American legal system, international business transactions, legal

International scholarships/fellowships:

  • NATO Science Fellowship – 2000-­2001, The Catholic University of America, Columbus School of Law, Washington, DC. Research project „Liability for damage caused by public authorities and absolute liability of the state”,
  • Fulbright Visiting Scholar – 1998-­1999, The Catholic University of America, Columbus School of Law, Washington, DC. Research project: „Consumer protection in the USA”.

International activities:

  • Member of the European Group on Tort Law,
  • Fellow in the European Centre of Tort and Insurance Law in Vienna (an author or co- author of national reports in several projects; a national reporter for the ECTIL Annual Tort Law Conference),
  • Member of the Advisory Board of the European Review of Private Law,
  • Lecturer at the CUA and Jagiellonian University International Trade and Business Law Summer Program in Cracow,
  • Visiting lectures in Washington DC, University of Coimbra.

National Activities, including State organizations:
  • Editor-­in-­chief of Studia Iuridica Toruniensia,
  • Member of the General Council for Science and Higher Education – elected for the term 2010 – 2013,
  • The Commission for the Codification of Civil Law – participated in the works on a new civil code: the consumer contracts group and the torts group – 2007-2010,
  • Member of the Regional Commission for the Bar Examinations – 2008-­2010,
  • Member of the National Examination Commission for the General Apprenticeship – 2010,
  • Member of the PanEuropean Organization of Personal Injury Lawyers (PEOPIL),
  • Member of the Polish Fulbright Alumni Association,
  • Member of the Toruń Scientific Society.
List of Major Publications
  1. Medical law in Poland, Wolters Kluwer 2011 (co-­author M. Nesterowicz, A. den Exter)- in English,
  2. Odpowiedzialność odszkodowawcza administracji, in: R. Hauser, Z. Niewiadomski A. Wróbel (eds.) System Prawa Administracyjnego, vol.12, CH Beck INP PAN Warszawa 2010 (co-author J. Parchomiuk),
  3. Odpowiedzialność odszkodowawcza za wykonywanie władzy publicznej [Public authorities liability], C.H. Beck Warszawa 2006,
  4. Odpowiedzialnośc za product w USA [Products liability in the USA], TNOiK Toruń 2000,
  5. Poland, Medical law, International Encyclopaedia of Laws, (gen. ed.) R. Blanpain, Kluwer Law International 1st ed. 2002, 2nd ed.2007, 3rd ed. 2011 (co-author M. Nesterowicz, A. den Exter) -­ in English.
Selected articles and book chapters in English:
  1. Damage in Polish law, in: B. Winiger, H. Koziol, B.A. Koch, R. Zimmermann (Eds.), Digest of European Tort Law, vol II: Essential Cases on Damage, National Court Practice and Tort Law series, Berlin de Gruyter 2011 (co-­‐author M. Nesterowicz),
  2. Chapters on Polish law in: H. Koziol, B. C. Steininger (Eds.), European Tort Law. Tort And Insurance Law Yearbook series, in the years 2001 – 2008 published Springer Wien/New York., in the years 2009 -­ 2011 published by De Gruyter Berlin,
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  4. Wrongful Birth and Non-­Pecuniary Loss: Theories of Compensation (2010) 2 Journal of European Tort Law, 171 – 203,
  5. A Polish Perspective on the House of Lords judgment in Corr v. IBC Vehicles LTD, (2010) 18 European Review of Private Law 3, 667-­679,
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Selected Contribtions in Polish:
  1. Działalność wojewódzkich komisji do spraw orzekania o zdarzeniach medycznych a wykonywanie władzy publicznej, in: E. Kowalewski (red.), Kompensacja szkód wynikłych ze zdarzeń medycznych. Problematyka cywilnoprawna i ubezpieczeniowa, Toruń TNOiK 2011, 145-163,
  2. Zdarzenie medyczne a problem przyczynowości, in: E. Kowalewski (red.), Kompensacja szkód wynikłych ze zdarzeń medycznych. Problematyka cywilnoprawna i ubezpieczeniowa, Toruń TNOiK 2011, 229-257 (co-author K. Krupa – Lipińska),
  3. Odpowiedzialność Skarbu Państwa za szkody wyrządzone przez wydanie niezgodnego z prawem orzeczenia sądu, Transformacje Prawa Prywatnego (3) 2011, 1-17,
  4. Jednostka a władza sądownicza. Realizacja zasady odpowiedzialności odszkodowawczej państwa za naruszenie prawa unijnego w polskim porządku prawnym, Gdańskie Studia Prawnicze t. XXV/2011, 33-45,
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