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Helmut KoziolIsrael Gilead

Professor of law, Faculty of Law, 
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem,
Member of the European Group on Tort Law,


The Hebrew University of Jerusalem,
Faculty of Law
Mt. Scopus
Jerusalem 91905

Telephone: (+972) 2 882 526

Curriculum Vitae

Higher Education
- Faculty of Law, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, LL.B. (1979).
- Dept. of Economics, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, B.A (1983).
- Faculty of Law, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, LL.D (1984).

Academic  Appointments
- Full Professor (2003).
- Bora Laskin Chair in Law (1998).
- Associate Professor (1996).                  
- Senior Lecturer (1991).
- Lecturer (1984).
Teaching Subjects
- Tort Law, Bills and Notes, Limitation of Civil Actions, Economic Analysis of Tort Law, Corporations.
- On the Rector's (Provost) list of distinguished teachers (2006/7, 2009/10)
Major  Hebrew University Positions
At the Law Faculty
- Dean of the Faculty (1999-2002).
- Vice Dean (1993-1996).
Head of the Academic Committee - Aharon Barak Center for Legal and Interdisciplinary research (since 2010).
At the University

- Member of the (Tenure) Appointment Committee – Humanities and Social Sciences (2006–2008).
- Head of the Advising Professional Committee on Admission and Teaching Evaluation (2003-2007).
- Member of the Hebrew U. Constitution Committee (2002-2004).
- Member of the Senate Standing Committee (1999-2002).
- Member and Head of various disciplinary bodies (students and faculty) since the 1980's.

National  Academic Positions

- Head of the Executive Committee - the National Institute for Testing and Assessment (in charge of the psychometric admission tests) (since 2007).
- Head of the Israeli Universities Admission Committee (2004 – 2007).
- Member of various subcommittees of the Council of Higher Education established by the Minister of Education to examine and approve LL.B and LL.M
  programs offered by Law Colleges (2002 – 2011).
- Head of a special committee of the Council of Higher Education established by the Minister of Education to set criteria for M.A. studies Law for graduates of other disciplines (2004 - 2005).

Law reform committees and related activities
- Drafting the 2005 Law regulating the tort immunity of public officials.
- Drafting the chapters on Tort Law and Tort Remedies in the proposed 2011 draft of the Israeli Civil Code.
- Drafting the new Limitation of Civil Actions Law which is part of the proposed Civil Code.
- Member of the Codification Committee on Israeli Private Law - headed by Chief Justice Barak (1996 - 2005).
- Member of the Law Reform Committee on the Israeli Law of Torts - headed by Chief Justice Barak (1994-2005).
- Member of the Law Reform Committee on the Israeli Law of Limitation of Actions - headed by Chief Justice Barak (1992-1995).
- Principal researcher on Israeli law of Limitation of Actions (funded by the Ministry of  Justice) (1986-1995).
International affiliations
- Member of the European Group on Tort Law (The Tilburg Group) (since 1999).
- Member of the European Center of Tort and Insurance Law (ECTIL) (since 1999).
- Member of the American Law Institute (since 2004). 
Editorial Boards
- Editor in-chief, "Mishpatim" student-edited Law Review (1978).
- Chairperson of the Editorial Board of Piskey Din, Israel's Supreme Court official reporter (1999 - 2002).
Professional Lectures
- Lecturer, Institute of Advanced Judicial Studies (since 1980). 
- Lecturer, the Institute of Advanced Studies for State Attorneys (since 1980).
- Lecturer, the Institute of Continuing Studies for Lawyers (since 1990).
Statutory and Public Commissions
- Member of a Public Committee established by the Ministry of Justice to recommend ways of coping with the "Wrongful Life" dilemma (2011-2012).
- Member of a statutory commission appointed by Israeli Government to appoint Directors to the nationalized pension funds (2003 - 2008).
- Member of a statutory commission established to propose criteria for assisting victims of a building collapse disaster (2002).
Parliamentary Committees
- Participating as an expert in meetings, on various issues, of the parliamentary Constitution, Law & Justice committee and the Education Committee (since 2001).
13. Boards of Directors
- Director at Harel Insurance and Finance group (since 2012).           
- Director at Bank Leumi – head and member of its audit committee and of other committees (2005 - 2011).
- Member of various boards of directors and of investment committees of  financial bodies (1987 - 2005).
13. Other Positions and Activities
- Member of the Israeli Bar Association (since 1979).
- Member of the academic team that established the Law Faculty of Haifa U. (1991- 1993).
- Member of the founding team that established the Academic College of  Law in Ramat-Gan (1995 – 1996).

March 2011
1. Tort Law: Limits of Liability (Sacher Institute  - the Hebrew University (2012) (1,500 p.) (Hebrew, 2 Volumes) .
2. Tort Law: Israelin The International Encyclopedia of Laws, Kluwer Law International (2003) (300 p.).
Edited Books
3. Proportional Liability (I. Gilead, M. Green, B. Koach eds., De Gruyter, forthcoming 2012/3)
4. Classification of Private Law: Bases of Liability and Remedies (C. Fassberg, I. Gilead eds., Sacher Institute, The Hebrew University, 2003).
5. Developments in Austrian and Israeli Private Law (H. Hausmaninger, H. Kozoil, A.M. Rabello, I. Gilead – eds., Springer, 1999).
Articles in Edited Journals
6. "Human Rights in Tort Law and in Contract law - the Quiet Revolution" Kiryat Mishpat (2009) (Hebrew).
7. "Tort Law in Chief Justice Barak judgments" in Barak's Book (Mishpatim) 487 (2009) (Hebrew).
8. "Rejoinder: The New Law of Limitation of Civil Actions" 36 Mishpatin (2007) 855 (Hebrew).
9. "Comments on the Tort Provisions in the Proposed new Civil Code" 36 Mishpatim 761 (2007) (Hebrew).
10. "The 'Lost Years' – Compensating Dependants – a Note on the Atingerdecision" 4 Alei Mishpat 47 ( 2005) (Hebrew).
11. "Expanding Tort Liability through Causation -  A Critical Analysis" 34 Mishpatim 385 (2004) (Hebrew).
12. Non-Consensual Liability of a Contractual  Party: Contract,  Negligence, Both or In-Between?" 3 Theoretical Inquiries in Law 511(2002).
13. "Judging the Judges?" 3 Alei Mishpat 255 (2002) (Hebrew).
14. “The Evidential Loss Doctrine: Has the Burden of Proof been Rebutted”? 30 Mishpatim 317 (2000) (Hebrew).
15. “Signature on a Bill - Authorization” 29 Mishpatim263 (1998) (Hebrew).
16. "Tort Law and Internalization: The Gap Between Private Loss and Social Cost” 17 Int. Rev. Law & Econ. 589 (1997).
17. "On Presumptive Liability, Rationality and Intuition in Determining the Scope of Liability for Negligence", 26Mishpatim 295 (1995) (Hebrew).
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20. "Tort Liability of Public Authorities and Public Officials" (Part I), 2 Mishpat Umimshal 339(1994) (Hebrew).
21. "On the Deduction of Income Tax from the Award of Lost Earnings to Road Accident Victims" 24 Mishpatim 593 (1994) (Hebrew).
22. "On the Conformity of Liability and Insurance Aspects of Road Accidents Victims Compensation Arrangement" 23Mishpatim 389 (1994) (Hebrew).
23. "On the Limits of Efficient Deterrence in Tort Law" 22Mishpatim 421(1993) (Hebrew).
24. "Myocardial Infarction as a Work Accident" 40 Hapraklit 241 (1992) (with A. Sever) (Hebrew).
25. "You Shall Honor the Aged" 22 Mishpatim 233 (1992) (Hebrew).
26. "Issues in the Law of Torts" 24 Israel L.R. 651 (1990).
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28. "The Law of Limitations:  A Proposal for Statutory Reform in Israel Tort Law", (Part II) 19 Mishpatim 369 (1990) (Hebrew).
29. "The Law of Limitations:  A Proposal for Statutory Reform in Israel Tort Law", (Part I) 19 Mishpatim 81 (1989) (Hebrew).
30. "On the Elements of Negligence in Israel's Law of Tort", 14 Tel Aviv U.L.R. 319 (1989) (Hebrew).
31. "Limitation of Actions and Prescription:  Guidelines for Reform in Israel Land Law" 18 Mishpatim 177 (1988) (Hebrew).
32. "On the Interrelation Between the Factual and the Normative Aspects of Negligence" 15 Mishpatim 446 (1986) (Hebrew)
33. "Limitation of Actions and Latent Diseases", 14Mishpatim (1985) (Hebrew).
34. "Coase Theorem, Competitive Market and Product Liability Law" 20 Israel L.R. 39 (1985).
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36. "Rethinking Causation in Israel Tort Law" 14 Mishpatim 15 (1984) (Hebrew).
37. "On Linkage and Revaluation"15 Israel L.R. 79 (1980).
38. "The Meaning of the Expression' Accused' in sec. 2(2) of the Law of Extradition" 8 Mishpatim 302 (1977) (Hebrew).

Articles in Edited Books
39. "General Report on Proportional Liability" in Proportional Liability(I. Gilead, M. Green, B. Koach eds.,  (De Gruyter, forthcoming 2012)
40. "Introduction to Economic Analysis of Loss Division" in Aggregation and Divisibility of Damage" 449 (K. Oliphant ed., Springer, 2009).
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43. "Limitation of Civil Actions" in The Draft Civil Code for Israel in Comparative Perspective (Kurt Siehr & Reinhard Zimmerman eds.) 192  (2008).
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57. National Report on the Israeli Law of Limitation of Civil Actions Submitted to the 14th Congress of the International Academy of Comparative Law, Athens Greece, 1994.  Published in Extinctive Prescription 207 (E.H. Hondius, ed., Kluwer,  1995).  Also published in a compilation of Israeli Reports to the 14th Congress by Sacher Institute, 75-105.
Other Publications
Contributions to various Festschrifts and articles in Israeli newspapers
Doctoral Dissertation
Economic Analysis of Tort Law and the Defective Product Liability Law 1980. Approved 1984.




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