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Bernhard A. KochBernhard A. Koch

Professor of Civil Law, 
University of Innsbruck
Deputy Director Institute for European 
Tort Law

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Curriculum Vitae
Bernhard A. Koch was born in 1966 in Feldkirch (Austria). He studied law in Innsbruck (Mag. iur. 1989), Tübingen (Germany, Dr. iur. summa cum laude 1992), and Michigan (USA, LL.M. 1993). He completed his habilitation for private law and comparative law in 1998. Bernhard A. Koch started to work as an assistant at the University of Innsbruck in 1985, where he was awarded tenure in 1999. After two years on leave for work at ECTIL and the Austrian Academy of Sciences, he returned to Innsbruck, where he holds a chair in civil law. Since 2004, Koch is the Deputy Director of the Austrian Academy of Sciences' Research Unit for European Tort Law. Bernhard A. Koch's main fields of research are tort, contract, real property and family law. He is a member of the European Group on Tort Law.

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