Publications - The Limits of Expanding Liability

Eight Fundamental Cases in a Comparative Perspective

edited by

Jaap Spier, Hoge Raad der Nederlanden

Liability law is expanding in many countries and areas. While its expansion may seem beneficial in terms of remedying litigants´ losses, this development is potentially worrisome. Expanding liability may affect the availability of useful goods and services and has a negative impact on insurability.

Those in various countries concerned with these potential negative effects have commenced researching techniques to keep liability law within reasonable and sustainable limits. This book uses eight sample cases, borrowed from the leading case law on the subject, to shed light on the techniques used to limit liability expansion in respective countries.

The topical nature of the subject and the comparative analysis make this a unique work of interest to academics, students, law-makers, and other practitioners concerned with the expansion of liability law.

Contents and Contributors
General Introduction

Preliminary Observations
The Tilburg Hypotheticals

The Tilburg Hypotheticals in General

The `Auditor - Case´; H. Koziol
Comparative Report on Case 2; W.V. Horton Rogers
Comparative Law Report on Cases 3 and 4; J.F. Sinde Monteiro

Country Reports

Austria. Answers to the Hypotheticals under Austrian Law; H. Koziol
Belgian Report (Part 1); H. Cousy, A. van der Spikken
Belgian Report (Part 2);T. Vansweevelt
Responses in the Context of English Law; W.V. Horton Rogers
France. Solutions proposées pour les differents cas pratiques imaginés par les auteurs du questionnaire;G. Viney
Germany: Antworten unter deutschem Recht; C. von Bar
Greece: Tort Liability in Particular Circumstances; K.D. Kerameus, K. Roussos
Italy: Answers to the Hypotheticals under Italian Law;F.D. Busnelli
The Netherlands: The Hypotheticals, Seen from a Dutch Perspective; J. Spier
Portugal: Portuguese Report, Responses to the Questionnaire; J.F. Sinde Monteiro
Sweden: Responses; B.W. Dufwa
Switzerland; P. Widmer
United States; D.B. Bobbs

Kluwer Law International,
The Hague/London/Boston
June 1998, 260 pp., Hardbound
ISBN/ISSN: 9041105816

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